TouK is a developer of high quality IT solutions. We have been present in the IT market since 2002. Within our nine years of experience, we have earned the confidence of many successful businesses across the sectors of telecommunications, media, finance, banking and insurance. We implement holistic projects: from the analysis of software functioning at the company, through to the development and implementation of a consistent system, followed up by technical support in its maintenance. Our solutions are based on recognised and – more importantly – open standards and technologies.

Our technical competences development concentrates on the following areas:

  • Enterprise Application Integration;
  • Rich Enterprise Applications;
  • Information and Communication Convergence.
  • Based on these competences we have realised projects over a very wide range: transaction systems;

  • billing process support;
  • convergent applications and services;
  • customer relationship management;
  • loyalty systems;
  • credit rating verification;
  • debt management;
  • financial and accounting services;
  • electronic commerce;
  • mobile number portability;
  • number inventory management.
  • The TouK team is based on 'generalizing specialists' who are offered various education opportunities. Currently, our team consists of over 60 people. These professionals and interesting individuals help create a productive efficient organism.

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