Who we are

7N is a consulting company with over 20 years market experience in supporting clients’ investment in complex systems’ development. We are a supplier of both expertise and highly profiled technical skills for many companies, mainly from sectors such as banking, finance, pharmacy and new technologies. Our consultants are known for having both the expertise and social skills necessary to take on the challenges ahead.

We specialize in full software development cycle: from business analysis, through definition of architecture and design, till implementation and testing phase.

7N is present on 3 continents and in 9 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Indie, United States and, of course, Poland. There are over 270 consultants currently working for our headquarters in Denmark, while in Poland we have over 130 consultants in jobs right now (and the number is growing!).

7 good reasons

There are at least 7 reasons why it’s worth working with us:

1. We ensure that our consultants always work on attractive and challenging projects that match their area of expertise and suit their preferences.

2. We have a transparent pricing policy. Following our 75/25 split, each 7N consultant receives 75% of the amount paid by the client.

3. Our clients have high requirements and we only employ consultants who are able to meet them. We are more interested in references, qualifications and personal skills than in school certificates.

4. 7N includes no non-competition or loyalty clauses in the contract. We believe in the freedom of choice instead.

5. Our contractors have access to a large network of experienced IT specialists – colleagues who have worked in the largest and most advanced companies.

6. We are known for our friendly working environment with a lot of amazing social events (rafting, ballooning, survival). Through trainings and certifications we provide opportunities to grow with us.

7. We believe in long-lasting relationships with our clients and consultants.

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