Wojciech Seliga



Seasoned software developer. Except for coding for about 30 years, he has been responsible for fostering agile practices, managing and staffing software projects, business development and mentoring. He has witnessed tons of new technologies, trends and fashions in the industry.

Currently he runs agile and Atlassian consulting business in the company he co-founded – SPARTEZ. Besides leading projects arounds Atlassian JIRA on a daily basis, Wojciech contributed to several open source projects and is an author of ScreenSnipe – a commercial screenshotting tool sold globally.

Wojciech was presenting at several international conferences including Devoxx, Agile, AgileEE, EclipseCon, AtlasCamp, Javarsovia, 33rd Degree, JDD, AgileByExample and smaller technical/business events in Poland and abroad.


How to survive automated tests hell

Automated tests are just great, right? All kinds: unit, UI, functional, integration, acceptance. Really?

What if you have thousands of them and they constitute most of your code base? What if running them takes weeks? What if your developers start hating them?

Tests are your responsibility. But they are also your baggage which may slow down your project to a halt. Automated tests can doom you … unless you are careful and think instead of act blindly. This session shows various common but costly mistakes and misconceptions around automated tests on various abstraction levels which often lead to serious problems in software projects – especially those long-lived where a lot of automated tests get accumulated over years.

The presentation demonstrates those practices, design decisions and organizational changes which helped us steer our projects through the waves of automated tests hell. A lot of examples and remedies base on my experience with Atlassian JIRA – a Java-based product developed now for about 10 years with many thousands of automated tests on various levels of abstractions and using various technologies.

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