Przemyslaw Szeremiota



Przemysław Szeremiota is a Senior Programmer at Allegro Application Back-end Team, performance expert and computer books translator.


Allegro Search: Solr In Action

Solr is an established, enterprise class, open source Java-based search platform. It proved to be an excellent, consistent replacement for previous Allegro search services. Not only is it stable and highly efficient, but also introduces new standards in flexibility and maintainability.

For many years Allegro used its own in-house developed search engines to help users browse through millions constantly changing offers. Until recently no open source nor commercial solution could efficiently replace them. Lack of stability while dealing with large data sets and falling behind on frequent index updates were the most common reasons preventing Allegro from adopting external search technology.

Allegro has gone a long way implementing Solr on its platform. Currently it deals with an index of over 18 million offers, undergoing 8 million changes a day, responding up to 3500 search requests per second. We would like to show you what we managed to make of Solr and how it has been achieved.

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