Nikolche Mihajlovski



Nikolche Mihajlovski is a software engineer who always seeks improvements of the commonly established processes, practices and technologies. He has over 14 years of programming experience in various programming languages, paradigms and technologies, diverging from experimental research and pet projects to serious enterprise applications. His main fields of interest include Programming Languages and Cloud Computing. Nikolche is the author of JAnnocessor, an innovative technology for annotation-based code generation and validation, as well as RDXPL, an experimental multi-paradigm dynamic programming language. He is an active member of the local Java User Group.


Innovative and Pragmatic Java Source Code Generati

Still writing boilerplate code manually? Generate JavaBeans, builders, DAOs, services, facades, DTOs, mappers, etc.

In this tutorial, the author of JAnnocessor, a novel code generation technology, will show you how easily you can boost your productivity by using Java annotations to automatically generate Java source code. The customization of annotations, code generation logic and code templates will also be covered, so you will be able to generate anything you want in very convenient way!

JAnnocessor is a new open-source framework for powerful, flexible and reliable processing of annotated Java code. Its main purpose is compile-time annotation-driven code generation in a declarative and customizable fashion. JAnnocessor utilizes a powerful and innovative synergy of several mature technologies: It's built on top of Java's APT for reliable compile-time annotation processing, encapsulating it in a rich domain model, convenient for expressive matching and transformation. Finally, a template engine is used for customizable template-based source code generation.

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