Joonas Lehtinen



Joonas Lehtinen, PhD, is one of the core developers of Vaadin, a Java-based framework for building business-oriented Rich Internet Applications. Joonas has been developing applications for the web since 1995 with a strong focus on Ajax and Java. He is the founder and CEO of the company behind the Vaadin framework.


Vaadin 7

After over three years of iteratively adding features to Vaadin 6, the long waited Vaadin 7 is finally almost done. The three main goals areas of the new framework version are

  • Give more power and freedom to developers.
  • Make extending and plugging Vaadin simpler.
  • Clean up where it smells.

In this presentation we cover most of the major changes in Vaadin 7 and dive deeper to the most important ones after giving a brief overview to Vaadin framework in general.

For full details on the contents, see:

Background: Basics of Vaadin Framework

Designing Reusable Web Components

Dozens of toolkits offer a wide range of widgets to build rich web applications on top of HTML5 platform. For a real world application the included widgetset is rarely enough and development of custom user interface components is required. Design of a reusable component is far from trivial. In this presentation Joonas Lehtinen, one of the authors of the popular Vaadin Framework shows how a new component can be designed and implemented from scratch. Topics covered include considerations for choosing DOM structure, finding a balance between performance and features, implementation considerations and testing the component. During the presentation a new component is implemented from scratch with Google Web Toolkit and packaged as a Vaadin Framework add-on ready for use by third parties. Background: - Basics of HTML and CSS - Java language

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