James Williams



James Williams is a developer based in Silicon Valley and frequent conference speaker and is the author of book "Learning HTML5 Game Programming" for Addison-Wesley.

He blogs at and tweets as @ecspike.


Ratpack: Classy and Compact Groovy Web Apps

Ratpack is a micro web framework for Groovy inspired by the Sinatra web framework for Ruby. Running Jetty and Groovy’s template engine at its core, Ratpack is very capable and extensible while also enabling you to write single file web apps. It fits the sweet spot for problems too small for Grails, yet too big to start from scratch. Ratpack takes routes, also known as URLMappings in Grails, and makes them the star of the show. In this session, you’ll learn how to create Ratpack apps, manage the application lifecycle, authentication, and persistence, and how to interface with Grails applications. Frankie and Sammy would approve…

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