Isabel Drost



Isabel Drost is member of the Apache Software Foundation. She is founder of the Berlin Buzzwords conference and the Apache Hadoop Get Together in Berlin, she also was co-organiser of the first European NoSQL meetup.

Isabel co-founded and is an active committer of Apache Mahout. She is actively engaged with communities of several big data and search related Apache projects, e.g. Apache Lucene and Apache Hadoop. She is member of the Apache Community development PMC as well as mentor of the incubating projects Stanbol and OpenNLP.

Isabel is regular speaker at renown conferences on topics related to free software development, scalability, Apache Lucene, Apache Hadoop and Apache Mahout.


Scale your data application with Apache Mahout

We live in a world where keeping up with incoming data and making sense of it becomes ever more important - but also ever more tedious: Social networks, traditional media, subscription based newsletters are just three sources of incoming data. To a large extend finding relevant information can be phrased as a simple search and solved that way. However some tasks call for a little more intelligence. This talk introduces Apache Mahout, a project that focuses on building a scalable machine learning library. It will cover some of the use cases that you can tackle with Mahout, go into more detail on classification and show you where machine learning can help you - but also where the limits are.

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