Dierk König



Dierk König works as a fellow for Canoo Engineering AG, Basel, Switzerland. He is a committer to many open-source projects including Groovy, Grails, GPars, and GroovyFX and a manager of the open-source Canoo WebTest project.
He is lead author of the "Groovy in Action" book, which is amoung the publisher's best-selling titles of the decade.

Twitter: @mittie.


Concurrent programming for you and me

The Java platform has supported concurrent programming since its early days. However, the standard means of multithreading and synchronization have been difficult to master. In this talk Dierk Koenig will explore how with the help of GPars, Groovy's library for concurrent programming, concepts like fork/join, map/reduce, actors, and dataflow can make our concurrent tasks simpler and less error-prone. If you work on the JVM and would like to prepare yourself for the multi-core era, jump in and join the party!

Pro Groovy

Many Java developers have come to appreciate Groovy for its conciseness and scripting capabilities but not many use the language to its full extend. In this talk we will go through some of Groovy's lesser known features by means of live coding. If you seek to make your life as a Java programmer easier by improving your Groovy Kung-Fu, this talk is for you.

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