Anton Arhipov



Software Engineer and JRebel Product Lead at ZeroTurnaround. Professional interests include programming laguages, middleware and tooling.

Anton is also the Estonian JUG ( leader and co-organizer of the larger developer community in Tallinn - Blogging at You can follow Anton at Twitter - @antonarhipov


Mastering Java bytecode with ASM

There are tons of Java OSS frameworks that exercise in bytecode manipulation. What if you’d like to contribute or fix a bug? Understanding Java bytecode may appear quite helpful once you have to solve problems that are related to binary weaving of Java classes, and some things you can do are just plain freakin' cool. This talk will remind you some JVM bytecode basics, and introduce you to a live coding demo with ASM ( and creating a cool application.

This presentation is a natural continuation of the talk given at GeeCON 2011, "Bytecode for discriminating developers", which was an intro to the subject.

Working with Code

Modern IDEs have changed the way in which we work with the code. Sadly most programmers never fully utilise the power that is provided by the IDEs like IntelliJ. This talk will demonstrate practical tips that everyone will find useful.

It is known that the greatest part of time you spend reading the code rather than writing it. A good IDE provides you with great means for navigating and browsing of the code, keeping track of many things at once without really requiring you to memorize everything.

Of course it is not only about reading code but also refactoring and writing the code, writing clean and beautiful code. So I’d like provide the attendees with a numerous practical tips and tricks on how to get more proficient with my IDE of choise - IntelliJ.

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