Stéphane Épardaud



Stéphane Épardaud is a long-time open source user and contributor, now working on the Ceylon compiler because if you're not writing a compiler you're not doing proper programming ;) Some of his open-source contributions include: LURC: C multi-threading library (author) ULM: mobile agent language compiler and VMs (author) jax-doclets: java doclet for JAXB and JAX-RS (author) Stamps.js: JavaScript templates (author) RESTEasy: JAX-RS implementation (committer)


Introduction to Ceylon

Ceylon is a new programming language designed to execute on the JVM. We're fans of Java and its ecosystem. However, we think that the language and class libraries, designed more than 15 years ago, are no longer the best foundation for a range of today's business computing problems.

Ceylon's design goals include:

  • easy to learn and understand for Java and C# developers
  • eliminate some of Java's verbosity, but keep its readability
  • improve upon Java's typesafety
  • provide a declarative syntax for expressing hierarchical information (user interface, external data, system configuration)
  • support and encourage a more functional style of programming with immutable
  • objects and higher-order functions
  • great support for meta-programming
  • built-in modularity

Come and join us for this introduction to Ceylon where we will show you its main features as well as the ongoing progress of the compiler, IDE, tools and the community behind it.

Hands on with Ceylon: write your first Ceylon application today

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