Press corner

30 Dec

After GeeCON 2010 - Vaclav Pech

Back from #geecon . It's been a very enjoyable event. Thanks everyone for all the nice discussions and feedback tweets

30 Dec

After GeeCON 2010 - Dalibor Topic

GeeCON was great fun.

30 Dec

Impression after GeeCON 2010 - Holly Cummins

I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for hosting me at GeeCON. I had a great time and think you've organised a fantastic conference. Poznan is lovely and you chose some excellent speakers

30 Dec

GeeCON 2010 - Chris Aniszczyk

In the end, thank you conference organizers for a great conference and I look forward to next year.

30 Dec

After GeeCON 2010 - Stephan Hermann

I very much enjoyed all those discussions at the conference and I'm very sorry I had to leave early.

30 Dec

Results of satisfaction survey 2010 - GeeCON team

"92% of attendees said that conference met their expectations."

30 Dec

A DAY AT GEECON 2009 - Adam Bien

Kudos to the organizers - a nice, good organized conference in a beautiful city. I met some old friends from all over the world.

30 Dec

After GeeCON 2009 - Szczepan Faber

Yesterday I heart loads of excuses why the tests have not been written. I immedietaly remembered Misko Hevery's session at amazing geecon conference (be sure to attend next year!).

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