13 Nov

GeeCON 2013

Preparations for the 5th edition of GeeCON have just started. This time we (once again) invite you to Krakow. Be there on May 15-18, 2013!

23 May

See you next year!

Thank you for participating in GeeCON 2012! You can read our thank you in a blog post. Expect a survey in your maibox soon as well!

22 May

Big data talk cancelled

We have been receiving questions about the reason for cancelling Eugene Ciurana's talk about big data.

Eugene had a trouble at the airport - he has passed the customs with his passport, but later on it was pick-pocketed and he was unable to fly to Poland. Eugene offers his sincere apologies to everyone that was waiting to see his talk.

18 May


Make sure to check out the "details" of tomorrows OpenSpaces:

08 May

Register for GeeCON OpenSpaces

GeeCON OpenSpaces (unconference) will be held after the main conference on Saturday, 19th of May. Read more on our blog on why to attend and how to register. It is 99 PLN net for ticket, 50 tickets only!

07 May

Updating GeeCON registration

If you need to update your details for GeeCON (including changing participants), do so today, hard deadline this Wednesday!

29 Apr


It was bound to happen. GeeCON 2012 is SOLD OUT. If you still would like to attend, let us know via the wait list.

16 Apr

GeeCON creativity contest!

We would like to announce the GeeCON creativity contest. A contest where you should prove your creativity to win a free ticket for GeeCON. More details on our blog

05 Apr

Google GeeCON 2012 Conference Grant

We are very excited to announce the first part of girls@geecon promotion! We have joined forces with Google again, and they are offering a generous grant - successful applicants will receive a free conference ticket plus up to 1000 EUR of travelling expenses reimbursed. Check out the details here or read more on our blog.

03 Apr

See our blog :-)

Head on to our blog, we've just published a Q&A with Kevlin Henney!

27 Mar

Laws of GeeCON

GeeCON 2011 had a few rules: see what they were and how it all played out in our latest Laws of GeeCON video :-)

19 Mar

Schedule is public!

Huge thanks for everybody who sent Call for Papers proposals! You guys are amazing! The number of submissions overwhelmed us, but we have (finally!) created a schedule.

02 Jan

GeeCON 2012.. in progress!

2012 has just begun and we're already working on the next edition of GeeCON to connect you with many fantastic speakers in the beatiful city of Poznan!

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