Hadapt is a startup company developing a next generation database built on top of the Hadoop platform designed to provide structured and unstructured analysis at massive scale, all in one cloud-optimized system.

The company’s product approach is a full integration of the open source parallel data processing framework, Apache Hadoop. Hadapt is expanding the Hadoop architecture with a more complete SQL interface, a patent-pending Adaptive Query Execution capability, and a hybrid storage engine to handle structured as well as unstructured data in a single platform. Adaptive Query Execution dynamically load balances queries in virtualized environments and allows analytical workloads to be automatically split between relational database engines and Hadoop to get the best possible performance out of the system.

We are looking for brilliant engineers with product development experience paired with excellent computer science and problem solving skills. Candidates should relish the opportunity to shape a cutting-edge technology at a fast moving startup in a collaborative and fun work environment.

Founded in 2010, Hadapt has offices in USA and Poland.
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