Piotr Walczyszyn



Piotr Walczyszyn is an Adobe Developer Evangelist responsible for messaging around Web Standards and Adobe Platform technologies like PhoneGap/Cordova, Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR. He is an author of technical blog at Piotr specializes in mobile cross-platform applications development. He also has a strong background in enterprise architectures like JEE and .NET Framework.


Building cross-platform mobile apps with PhoneGap/Cordova technology

In the space of the mobile applications development often software providers and developers are looking for a single technology that can speed up their applications go to market on different platforms. During the session attendees will discover PhoneGap/Cordova cross-platform technology that was contributed by Adobe to Apache Software Foundation. PhoneGap/Cordova allows building “natively” installed apps using standards like HTML/5, CSS/3 and JavaScript.

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